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  • By Liya Safarova Feldmann - Aug 18, 15
    The website is quite useful. The only improvement that is needed is verification of information provided on this website. E.g. based on the ad we contacted Fidele to offer her a nanny job. She turned to be extremely unreliable person. While she was supposed to appear at 11, every time i would call she would say she was almost there, and so on by 5pm in the evening. And despite this kind of attitude we decided to give her another chance, but she didnt appear in the morning, neither she bothered herself to call and inform. Thus, it would be great if the information would be checked before placed here.   
  • By john wick - Jan 29, 15

    I truly enjoyed what sort of written content had been published. I will be content to save this web site in to our folder. Many thanks!

  • By Benjamin Kramer - Nov 20, 14
    Hello, What is the rate for advertising my business through the email newsletter? Thank you, Benjamin Kramer  
  • By Tense Coleman - Mar 09, 14
    Has anyone experience a "scam" from responding to AD for housing on this forum.   
  • By Timothy Rayley - Nov 29, 13

    I am an American who has now lived in Costa Rica and Nicaragua for over five years. I have an urgent question: I was granted a 90 day visa for Ghana recently. I had hoped for a longer period of time. Once I arrive there, is ther a way to extend my stay? Here in Nicaragua, I must only travel to Costa Rica, spend one night there, and then I am good for another 6 months. Can one possibly go to Cote d' Ivorie or Togo and then return to Ghana with refreshed time? I'm on S.S. disability and would love to come there, but the approx. $1000 airfare is hardly justified for only 90 days. I'll be eternally grateful if someone has any answers. Thank you, Tim. 505-8444-5647|timrayley@yahoo.com.

  • By Rajesh Chhatlani - Nov 24, 13
    We had a great time today at Sankofa Beach House. Thanks to accraexpat.com for organizing this outing. Keep it Up!!  
  • By Surama King - Oct 30, 13
    Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Surama I am the CAS coordinator for Tema International School. I would like to know how can I advertise our School Play, The Lion King at the National Theater on your web site. I try calling the number on your page but is always off. Kindly advice. Thank you. Surama  
  • By Bart Goossens - Oct 26, 13
    Since yesterday there's an ade posted under the title "Nanny , housekeeper , driver wanted in the US " .Given the number of spelling mistakes and the content of it , I doubt whether it originates in the US.To me it looks like a scam. best regards  
  • By Martin-Luther C. King - Oct 01, 13
    I am finding it difficult to edit/update the contact info for my group: Journalists for Regional Integration (JORIN). Kindly help me effect the change as follows: (1) New Email address is: journalistsforintegration@gmail.com; (2) Additional Phone Number is 0265 272 117. Thank you.  
  • By steve chord - Sep 22, 13
    Im very grateful for this website,as a piano teacher,i have been advertising on this site for months now,and i have truly seen many student who came through this website.I think you guys are great.God bless you  
  • By Rosemarie Anoff - Sep 11, 13
    I think the "Accra Service" in the advertisements should NOt be here on this site.... I am openminded BUT..this is a little too much,,,, Greetings Rosemarie  
  • By Rhyme sonny - Aug 27, 13
    Re: ALewa Poetry Show i have negotiated a package for members of this forum and will like to know who will be there and benefit from a 50 percent discount thanks   
  • By Sameena Thomas - Jun 17, 13
    Hi..Im havng trble posting my classified ads..this is not the first time Im facing this..cn u pls rectify.. tks  
  • By Assata Sherrill - Apr 22, 13
    I am moving from the area. How do I delete my account?   
  • By wendy danso - Apr 13, 13
    Pls inspect those who seeks people to hangout, because some of them are fraudsters.  
  • By Daniel Bezuidenhout - Jan 15, 13
    I posted a classified, twice. Before I save and post it, I can see the 'body' of my classified ad, but once I post it, there is nothing, just my name...?   
  • By Amna khan - Dec 29, 12
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  • By Edward Mansfield - Aug 11, 12
    Dear Sir/Madam, I kindly want to find out the proceedure to follow to advertise my business on your site. A feedback will be appreciated. Thank you.  
  • By Ann Meredith - Jul 13, 12
    I occasionally look at the forum and then when I want to reply to a message I find it impossible because I get a message saying that you cannot leave the field empty but I have filled all the fields. This has happened so many times  
  • By Ezra Davis - Jul 06, 12
    Disregard the email I sent about my account not being activated, all is well. Cheers, Ezra  
  • By Godfrey Mitti - May 07, 12
    I am still looking for someone who left a parcel containing booze at KIA in March. Please give me a call and identify the stuff. Godfrey.  
  • By Kusi OHemeng - Aug 27, 11
    Your profile update section doesn't allow us to update the email address. Need to update mine. Thanks for your help.  
  • By james bennett - Jun 22, 11
    Potentially interested in an ad on the site, please drop me a line.  
  • By Michel Azambre - Feb 25, 11
    Hi, Please, I can't update my ads. When I clic on "Edit" I receive the page for a new ads. Thanks Michel Azambre   
  • By Janine Cocker - Aug 23, 10
    A great website! Very helpful in trying to find your way in Accra. Thanks for putting this together.   
  • By Norman - May 19, 10
    This is a very beautiful site, congratulations. I trust the objectives regarding this creation will be fully met.  
  • By Tiffany from South California - May 13, 10
    Thank you very much for this site. I never thought I would find so much useful information on relocating to Ghana in one website. I now have a good idea of what I have to do in order to make my transition as smooth and painless as possible. Thanks especially for the guide on renting. I found it very useful and will certainly be referring back to it. Thanks so much!  
  • By Ronald Smit - May 11, 10
    Good to see such a site! My family and I lived in Accra from 1994 to 2001, while I was involved in mineral exploration, for a South African firm. (We are Dutch, but were all born in SA.) I lived in Accra again from mid-2005 to mid-2008, leading a country-wide investigation of the environmental and social impact (good and bad) of the mining sector. Project funded by the EU. Now I am still involved in mining-industry-related development projects (including one in Ghana) and I travel to Accra frequently. It feels like home away from "home", since my current residence in The Netherlands, will always feel a bit foreign after so may years in Africa. I hope this website will continue to support the interaction between different expat sub-communities, and also with Ghanaians. I will certainly use it to check up on events and developments before I travel to Accra again, probably next month.  
  • By Pedro Fox - May 06, 10
  • By Peter Samuels - May 06, 10
    This website is really cool... Getting lots of info here  
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