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In every capital around the world, expatriates tend to get together, whether for networking, socializing, comfort, shared interests or agendas, leisure or business. Are you aware of all expatriates groups, associations and clubs existing in Ghana?
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African-American Association of Ghana

African-Americans in Ghana
Year created:          1991
No of members:      100
Contact name:        
Contact number:     027 618 1222
Email:                    aaagsecretary@gmail.com
To be recognized as a preeminent community vehicle for the cultural, social, spiritual and economic re-integration of African-Americans and other people of African descent returning from the Diaspora into Ghanaian society.

The African-American Association of Ghana (AAAG) is an association of Africans born and raised in America who have repatriated to Ghana. It was formalized in 1991 although African-Americans have been living and working in Ghana since the 1950’s. Some came at the invitation of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah to assist in Nation Building at the ...dawn of independence.

*The AAAG is dedicated to creating positive images of African Americans in Ghana and Diaspora.
*Promotes the integration of African Americans into Ghanaian culture and society.
*Educate African Americans about Ghanaian culture
* Educate Ghanians about African American culture.
* Embrace Pan Africanism - broadly defined to enhance interaction that mutually benefits all persons of African Descent.
•Is the official information source for the African-American community in Ghana.
•Serves as a support system for Diasporan Africans who are coming to live, invest or visit Ghana.
•Is a resource center for public information about the African American community in Ghana.

Membership is open to Americans of African descent i.e. by virtue of birth (in the USA, its territories, and possessions) and African-American parentage (one or both parents) and naturalization.

AAAG offers Twi and Ga classes and "First Tuesdays" events.
It is involved in the organization of Black History Month each year in Ghana.

The African-American Association of Ghana meets at 2:00 p.m. on the 3rd Sunday of each month at the Black Heritage Hall of the W.E.B. DuBois Centre in Accra, Ghana.

Contact is at the above email and visit the website and Facebook page.

Learn about AAAG annual fundraising Ball at the W.E.B. DuBois Centre.

Note from the Editor
See this article and others from The African Report, Al Jazeera and the BBC.
See the African Americans in Ghana group on Facebook.

Disclaimer: The information listed is from third parties, has not been verified and does not engage the responsibility of the website.

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