Visas for Travel

Stellar Travel shall advise on requirements for visas to various destinations.

As far as the rules permit, we shall pick up documents for visa applications and work permits and deliver such documents within the stipulated time for acquiring visas.

We shall duly inform client in writing where the rules of the embassy or high commission in question require the personal appearance of a particular applicant.

Please note Stellar cannot guarantee any Embassy or High Commission issuing visa to an applicant since that is entirely at their discretion.

Fees: US$ 75 exclusive of the country statutory visa fee.

Visas on Arrival

Stellar Travel does facilitate Visa on arrival as and when we are accordingly informed.

We also offer advice on foreign worker quotas set by governments and advice on obtaining of long-term visas and work permits for those involved with the petroleum industry.

Fees: US$ 300 per visa inclusive of statutory fee (including OK to Board).

Transit visas: US$ 100 per visa inclusive of statutory fee.

Visa extensions: US$ 300 per visa inclusive of statutory fee.

Letter of Invitation (LOI): US$ 25.

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