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Webster University Ghana HR Masterclass The Future of Work: the

Webster University Ghana HR Masterclass The Future of Work: the

Date:                     Thursday, June 24, 2021
Time:                     5:30 PM
To:                        7:00 PM
Venue:                   Online -Zoom
Address:                 N/A
Organiser:              Webster University Ghana
Contact name:        N/A
Website:                 https://bit.ly/WebsterGH_HRMasterclass062421

The future and nature of work is changing the way individuals, organizations, and consumers interact. Big data, artificial intelligence and robotics are requiring leaders to reconsider, redesign, and reinvent nearly every aspect of the organization’s structure and culture. Jobs are becoming more automated and augmented with machines, robots, and software.

Deloitte, an international consulting firm studies these shifts and publishes annual research on significant trends related to the future of work. For many years, they have chronicled the change and purport that organizations MUST rethink jobs, re-organize work, and re-engineer systems. In a recent study, Deloitte coined the term “workforce ecosystem” to describe the move away from the traditional salaried employee model and towards more alternative work arrangements such as non-payroll, contract providers, freelancers and gig workers.

What does all this mean and why is this important to discuss? According to Deloitte, this suggests that, in the simplest terms, the traditional employer-employee relationship will likely be replaced by a new, diverse workforce ecosystem that offers employers more flexibility, more capabilities, and the potential to explore and employ different economic models in sourcing talent.

Please join us for this HR Masterclass where we will explore these in detail. REGISTER HERE - https://bit.ly/WebsterGH_HRMasterclass062421


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