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 About Us

Since you arrived in Ghana, how many times have you actually said to yourself?

-    “I am upset to have learned about this event too late – word of mouth really is too unreliable”
-    “I wish someone could have helped my family move and settle in Accra, especially with finding the right accommodation”
-    “I feel isolated and wish I had ways to exchange with and meet more expatriates”
-    “Where can I get news, advice and information that concern me as a foreigner in Ghana?
-    “Why am I hanging out with people from my own country only?”
-    “Who can I contact when I have questions or problems?”
-    “How can I inform other expatriates of events I organize and news that concern them?”
-     etc.

Welcome to .com

Launched in May 2010, our dedicated website aims to:
- be home to and the communication point for all members and groups of Ghana’s expatriate community,
- assist all newcomers in settling in Ghana as smoothly and rapidly as possible and,
- help expatriates make their time here the most satisfying.

Home -     where you go to meet expatriates from all countries, do things together, share & learn while having fun & expanding your horizon.
Home -     where you go for relevant services, assistance and information, to communicate to the community, to stay updated & make your life in Ghana easier & more fulfilling.

To achieve these aims, .com has been developed as a comprehensive social and information portal with three sections:
- services & assistance where newcomers & residents access reliable real estate, relocation & business services, general & urgent assistance and relevant resources & links,
- social interaction with a listing of expatriate groups, clubs & associations, site members creating interest groups that others can join, a listing of activities & events, a weekly calendar and a social calendar,
- continuous information & exchanges with community News, the Editor’s Blog, the Directory & free Classifieds.

.com also has a Facebook page (6400 followers) and group (2100 expatriate Members) and an Instagram account (1500 followers) which we invite you to like/follow and join.

All content is produced and managed by Ghana-based expatriates for expatriates.

.com sends a "Monday Newsletter" to over 11,000 expatriates and Ghanaian partners as well as organizes offline events such as Members Nights and parties like Rio Carnival each year.

In addition, .com, with its resources and network, is there to assist, support and/or partner with individuals & groups in the organization of private & public events, including non-profit and fund-raising. Feel free to contact us so we may discuss your project

Not yet a Member? Join the 9500+ community of expatriates so you can access all content and use features such as listing your expat or Member's group, events you organize, news and tips you want to share, available home staff, free classifieds and using the Forum. You will also receive all our Newsletter and other communications and be invited to our events.

Registration as everything else is free of charge. Sign-up here. See F.A.Q. for details.

.com was created and launched by Claude P. Charronneau in 2010.              

Living over 25 years in the USA, Burma, Switzerland, Rwanda, India, Cameroun, Qatar and Libya gave Claude an extensive experience in the life we lead as expatriates.
In addition, his diverse professional background (private sector, embassies, NGO’s,) helped him get a full insight in this lifestyle, as did his multiple social involvements within succesive expatriate communities.
In Burma, Claude was the Editor of the newsletter EXPAT NEWS and organiser of events for expatriates.

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