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    By email from our audience

  • As always, thank you for the very informative Newsletter.
    All the best for the summer holidays and stay safe.
    Mari Ellis - 29 JUNE 20

    Thanks so much. You all are doing a great job. Keep it up!
    Modupe Onemola Adewunni - 13 JUNE 20

    I’ve been meaning to write and thank you for the marvelous job you’re doing keeping the expat community updated with relevant information and common sense advice.
    Ekua Bannerman-Richter - 20 APR 20

  • Thanks, great Newsletter, great content and great tone. Is recomforting in these difficult times...
    Xavi Perez - 06 APR 20

    I truly enjoy the Newsletter. My fiance lives in Ghana. It feels wonderful to know what's hapening in Ghana and to be able to plan my return trips. Soon, it will be my permanent home.
    Monica Utsey - 23 MAR 20

    It was a pleasure to be part of accraexpat community and I thank you for sending me the newsletter.
    Nassara Thome - 26 FEB 20

    I moved to Ghana 4 years ago now and have found it incredibly useful for navigating my way around and settling my business and family into life in Accra.
    Elaine Gyechie - 24 FEB 20

  • Great job over the years in growing the platform.
    Ernest Hanson - 22 FEB 20

  • We have been in Ghana since 2008 and your weekly posts on activities have been brilliant for our family! I have sincerely valued this information over the years.
    Valerie Gueye - 20 FEB 20

    It's exciting to see how accraexpat.com has changed the dynamic for expats in Ghana over the years. I first came to Ghana in 2007 and it felt very isolating and difficult to find information and support and your website has been a valuable resource to me over the years.
    Amanda Ankuyi - 19 FEB 20

  • Wow, 10 years! AccraExpat has been so valuable to me in the 6.5 years that I have lived in Ghana.
    Karen Partington - 19 FEB 20

    Thank you for creating accraexpat. It has served me and my family well over these past 10 years! I'm an American who lived in Ghana for about 7 years while training and practicing as a physician.
    Amma Agreey Edusa - 19 FEB 20

    Special Special thanks to you Accra Expat Community and more especially to the Administrator of this news feed and site. We very much appreciate your matchless support.
    Nathaniel Ogli - 23 DEC 19

    I've been connected to you (both FB page and group) for a while now and it has always helped me! Thank you so much for the work you do!
    Ana Carolina Ussier - 29 AUG 19

    Thank you so much for this amazing newsletter I have been receiving for a long time now.
    Christelle Traore - 20 NOV 18

    Thank you for the past 3 years of valid information.
    Michelle Potgieter - 19 NOV 18

    I regret that I was not able to join expats at this event gathering. Your dedication and hard work to give us comfort and gather us is realy realy appreciated.  
    Temesgen Mahray - 28 SEP 18

    Thanks for following up! Cheers, and just a quick note to say that I really appreciate the weekly update you just sent out!
    Kristina Dunley - 4 SEP 18

    After six wonderful years, I am leaving Ghana for a new job in Cairo.
    All the best and thank you for 6 years of sharing Accra news!
    Cynthia Hall - 19 JUNE 18

  • Thank you for years on interesting and helpful posts.
    Anna-Marie Larsen - 28 MAY 18

    Thank you for running such a useful platform for expatriates and best regards,
    Kazumi Nakamura - 06 MAY 18

  • Thank you so much for your informative newsletter.  We have really enjoyed it over the years.
    Mary Kay and Charlie Jackson - 27 FEB 18

    On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to thank the team very much indeed for all the efforts you have gone to during this period in getting people together and showing us a side of Ghana that we would possibly not have seen, and for keeping us up to speed with the range of events and activities that are on offer.
    Gary and Julie Soper - 18 DEC 17

    Hello accraexpat, I have been a regular visitor to your amazing site and have benefitted from great deals in the classifieds section. I have a few items I'd like to post for sale and wanted to inquire the way forward. ps. I am a Ghanaian by birth and resident in East Legon, Accra. Thanks and warm regards.
    Carl Rhule RRG - 27 SEP 17

    Let me compliment you for the great work that you are doing to keep the whole community aware of all the events taking place in Accra.
    Richa Rao - 09 JUNE 17

    THANK YOU for all the work you're doing to help us integrate and enjoy our lives in Accra!
    Tamara Chikhradze - 02 JUNE 17

    Thanks for all the great notices over during my time in Ghana. I am departing tomorrow and transferring to another country. Kindly remove me from this list serve. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
    Nathan Olah - 22 MAY 17

  • Can you please advise of / recommend a domestic generator supplier in Accra?
    Thank you for your excellent website.
    Martin Hiles - 09 MAY 17

    Thank you and success with this good initiative.
    Frits van Bruggen - 24 APR 17

    Thanks for the referral to Emmanuel and the link to your amazing page of service providers!! I look forward to the next accraexpat event. Thanks again.
    Shelby Clark - 04 JAN 17

    Well done with your efforts to support the GH Expat community - your doing a fantastic job.
    Sukhjinder Mann - 08 NOV 16

    Thank you so much (for your advice and welcome )! I'm already a big fan of accraexpat.com. Great work!
    Hyung-joon Kim - 09 OCT 16

  • I would like to say thank you for a really great evening on Thursday at your Members Night. My friend and I made it to our first meeting in 2 and 3 years respectively. We felt very welcome and met a great group of fellow expats. Food complimentary food and drinks were great. Lovely location! See you next time.
    Margaret and Cynthia - 01 OCT 16

    I have left Ghana. I sure enjoyed being a member of accraexpat while I lived there. It improved my time in Ghana immensely. Thank you and all best wishes.
    Kirsten Michener - 14 SEP 16

    I love your newsletter but I no longer live in Accra so please remove me from the distribution list. Keep up the good work!
    Chris Murphy - 13 SEP 16

    Thanks for all communications and nice events during the past 4 years !!! Now I’ve been transferred out of Ghana, please kindly remove my address from your distribution list. Congratulations again for your great activity and Good luck for the future!!
    Luciano Villanti - 06 SEP 16

    Thank you so much for the prompt and wonderful work done. I think it is great and we at RunForaCureAfrica are most grateful.
    Rose Ohuegbe - 28 AUG 16

    I am now registered on accraexpat.com which really is a well-referenced website and should allow myself to not wonder about many issues, thanks to the How To Guide.
    Nadege Violleau - 25 AUG 16

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