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Posted: Jun 24, 17
By: Jennifer

Horrible Experience at Melcom Store in Agona Swedru, Ghana

My husband and I purchased a new LED TV from the Melcom store in Agona Swedru, Ghana.   Three months after we purchased the TV, it stopped working and would not come on anymore.  This product had a one year warranty so we took it back to Melcom and explained to the employees that our TV stopped working and we asked them if we could exchange it for a new TV.  They told us that we could not get a new TV but they would send our TV to their head store in Accra for repair which would take three weeks. My husband is Ghanaian but I am an American so I explained to them that in American business, when a customer purchases a product with a warranty and that product gets damaged while the warranty is still valid, then the customer is offered a new similar product for the same price.  However, they still refused to exchange us a new TV and told us to come back in three weeks for our TV.

After four weeks,  we still did not receive our TV and we had been without a TV to watch for a whole month.  They delayed sending our TV to Accra for two weeks which is why our TV was still not available four weeks after we returned it.  

My husband and I had waited patiently and the employees were so arrogant and did not care to give us proper customer service.  They lied to us several times stating that our TV would be available sooner but each time we asked about our TV, they kept telling us to be patient and wait.  After the fifth time, of being told to be patient for a month, my husband and I felt that we needed to complain to the manager and express our dissatisfaction with the terrible customer service we had been given.  The manager became very disrespectful towards us and even lied on me stating that I had pulled her ear and shouted at her.   I had never pulled her ear and her lie caused a big scene to occur when another Ghanaian woman customer decided to jump in and support the manager who lied on me.  The other customer began to verbally attack me and make threats to physically assault me and the employees never told her to calm down or leave the store.  My husband and I told the woman that if she did not stop verbally attacking me and threatening to hurt me then she would be in huge legal trouble since I am a foreigner and my husband works at Court.   Then the angry woman left the store. 

The manager and another employee of the store continued to scold me for complaining to them about their poor service and told me that I should not attack the manager when I never pulled her ear or attacked her in any manner.  Then after all the drama, they finally said that our TV would be available tomorrow.  We were able to pick up our TV the next morning.

I have written this review to warn other foreigners, especially Americans, from shopping at the Melcom store in Agona Swedru, Ghana because of the bad treatment that they give to foreigners.  They are happy to take our money but we are not welcome there.  I have had a terrible shopping experience at this store that I never had in America.  In my country, “the customer is always right and should be treated with respect”.  However, that is not the case in Ghana. 

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