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Forum » Moving to Ghana

All you may ask yourself before moving to Ghana

Posted: Jul 10, 14
By: Barbara

Home Internet


I've been living in Ghana for a year now and can no longer deal with the issues and lack of customer service I have received from Vodafone. The article here on AccraExpat regarding Internet is old (refers to changes that will take place in 2012). I was wondering if there are other home line Internet options so that I can stop giving Vodafone my business. I am aware of Teledata, but their connection fee is astronomical - over 75% of what  I would pay for internet in a year.

The dongles are fine for basic browsing, but I do a lot of streaming and downloading (such as at iTunes and Amazon) and these don't work so well with the dongles (laptop plugin modems).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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