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HOW TO Guide

How (not) To about drugs

Never become involved with drugs of any kind in Ghana.

Drugs are a growing problem in Ghana and the authorities are determined to tackle and control the problem.
Several specialized services of embassies are supporting Ghana and bordeing countries with this and arrestes are regular.

Penalties for drug-related offences (including class C drugs) are severe, including a "no bail" restriction on anyone implicated in any drug related offences. Possession of small amounts of marijuana could lead to a prison sentence in excess of 5 years, usually after a lengthy and expensive legal process.

Moreover, Class A drugs such as cocaine are likely to be laced with other substances - the British High Commission has received reports of foreign visitors who have died after using these drugs. Source: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en

Rasta culture is alive in Ghana and weed is easily available and affordable. Do not smoke outside and in public places.

If you are a young visitor, a member of the large volunteer community or a high school student, you are more susceptible to be approached by and befriend locals. Some may not have sincere intentions and you may find yourself in situations where you can be influenced and pushed into actions, included purchases you do not feel comfortable or safe about.

Remember your foreigner status and be aware of your surroundings when outside a private home. When invited in a private home, inquire whose home it is and about the location. Ensure you will be able to leave the premises freely and return home by your own means.

Generally, use common sense and never carry valuables and more money that you need.

Kindly refer to other security pages in this How To Guide.

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