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The Press

Online Medias





The Press


The press in Ghana is very alive, with a large number of newspapers published by a variety of companies and people. The vitality of the printed Media is a real sign of the level of democratic maturity achieved by Ghana. The newspapers now represent a significant counter power: everything that is going on in Ghana is on the press. Newspapers are very oriented towards domestic politics, corruption and of course, sports. Ghana is a relatively self-centered country and it shows in the Media: world news, even regional news, are scarce.


The standards of journalism in Ghana have yet to improve: writers are more reporters than journalists so many articles are mostly narrative with little or no analysis. However, the “Opinions” articles contributed by professional outsiders compensate. Information in the press must be taken with caution as verification of facts is not always done properly.

As far as Press freedom, Ghana is second in Africa after Namibia in Reporters Without Borders 2016 ranking published at the occasion of World Press Freedom Day. The report shows the country ranking 26th in the world.

As at December 2008, over seven hundred newspapers and publications had been registered with the National Media Commission although a survey showed that the ones regularly found on the newsstands were just thirty seven.

The biggest newspapers are public and the two main are the Daily Graphic and the Ghanaian Times. The variety comes from the dynamic private press sector that publishes numerous dailies: a few are investigative, others are partial (like supporting one of the two main political parties) but most are interesting to browse.


Eighteen are in the following list: 

Daily Graphic, Ghanaian Times, Daily Guide, The Chronicle, The Heritage, The Statesman, The Daily Dispatch, The Insight, The Ghana Palaver, The Independant, Accra Daily Mail, The Crusading Guide, Gye Nyame Concord, Ghanaian Voice, Public Agenda, Ghanaian Observer, Free Press, Weekly Standard.


Expatriates are generally not knowledgable about national news as they do not make the effort. Correcting this mistake will allow you to better understand Ghana’s people and society and to have a fuller experience of your new home country. 

Foreign investors and business people should read/subscribe to:

§    the daily Business Week,

§    the economic page of the Ghanaian Times,

§    the economic supplement in the Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Graphic and,

§    the Business and Financial Times (twice a week)

The smaller and private The Enquirer is dedicated to corruption.


Online Medias


A few of Ghana’s newspapers have their own website like:

Daily Graphic
Accra Daily Mail
Business and Financial Times

There are numerous online Medias in or about Ghana. Some are news sites, others are simple aggregators and a few are large portals. Check them all and bookmark those you prefer for regular reference.


Ghanaian Reactor Online   

Ghana Dotcom                                              

Modern Ghana                

Business Ghana               

Ghana Business News           

Ghana Web                                   

The Ghanaian Journal

Ghana News Link

Everything Ghana            


Ghana Mma                 

Ghana Review International

All News Ghana               


A few of Ghana’s radios have their own website, which are like News portals, like:
City FM

Joy FM


African online Medias

Many have a country page on Ghana but are mostly relaying news published elsewhere. Check:


Afrol News

Africa News 

and Jeune Afrique for French readers.


Development news: IRIN News-Ghana

Regular news on relief, social, economic and political affairs in Ghana by UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN)

Also in French and Arabic.




There are five main terrestrial TV channels broadcasting in Ghana: GTV (state-owned), Metro TV (joint venture between the State and a Ghanaian private enterprise), Viasat 1 (owned by Viasat Broadcasting - has shut down in 2016), TV3 (owned by TV3 of Malaysia and its local partners), and TV Africa (owned by a Ghanaian film maker). Get a TV, plug it and access these local channels for free.





GAR (ex GBC – public)      95.5

Joy FM                            99.7    has a website

City FM                           97.3     has a website                        

Vibe FM                          91.9

X FM                               95.1

Univers FM                      105.7 or 88.7
Atlantis                           87.9    more for music

The radio of the University of Ghana - Legon in Accra


Foreign radios

BBC broadcasts on 101.3 FM in the capital, where there are also relays for the Voice of America (VOA 98.1) and for Radio France International (RFI, 89.5 in Accra and 92.9 in Kumasi).


FM stations from Ghana's Diaspora (over Internet)

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