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Expatriate oriented publications

Other publications
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Being informed is the key to success in general and especially when moving to and/or living in a new foreign country. It is even truer in a developing country.


Besides all the live and non-live information you can get here on accraexpat.com on a daily basis, you can find in this How To page what we advice to have and use as additional resources, both print and online. For news about Ghana, please refer to the How To keep posted with Ghana news” page.

Large Diplomatic Missions like the American Embassy, the British and Canadian High Commissions have Community Liaison offices which assist newcoming diplomats. They have a lot of information handy, materials to take or look at and the US Embassy publishes a bi-monthly Newsletter. Some other Embassies and United Nations agencies give a booklet to Newcomers and some companies do too. Ask your admin office for it and for assistance in general. Generally speaking, the level of assistance and support given to new coming expatriates is unfortunately low, whether from the company or expat colleagues. Do not hesitate to ask them and Ghanaian staff and you can also contact us with any questions at help@accraexpat.com.


Expatriate-oriented publications

No Worries Ghana

No Worries Ghana is published of the North American Women Association (NAWA) as a part of its fund-raising efforts. It is the result of considerable work, compiling recommended businesses and service providers, mostly located in Accra, in numerous categories. Along with a few tips, theses listings are handy to expatriates. The book has been first published in 1998 and then in 2001, 2007, 2010 and 2013. The last updated and 6th edition was released in November 2016. Buy the new No Worries Ghana at upscale hotels and supermarkets as well as Global Mama's and Vidya Bookstore in Osu and Wild Gecko (GHS 60.00 retail price). For bulk purchases, you can contact us.

Other publications

OILcity Magazine  for expats in Takoradi
OILcity magazine aims to be the eyes, ears and voice of Sekondi-Takoradi and its surrounds, focusing on news and feature articles about business and economic development, lifestyle, recreation and culture in the Western Region but also include articles of particular interest from other parts of Ghana. OILcity magazine is published in Takoradi every two months and is the only magazine which centers its work on the twin city. Visit the website and the Facebook page showing the actual last issue. Note: it seems that publication of this magazine has been interrupted.

DUST Magazine
- IT SEEMS THAT PUBLICATION HAS BEEN SUSPENDED - visit the Facebook page for updates
London. Paris. New York, Rio. Lagos. Tokyo. Dubai… Every city has an identity that differs from all others. Ask anyone what defines Accra though, and no single answer emerges. What or who is Accra? Accra is us: trotro drivers, bankers, housewives, business executives, traders, politicians, students, musicians, mechanics and many more. Our people have a colorful past, a historic present and an increasingly bright future. Sure there are things that set us apart. However, there are things that bring us together. Take street food, for example: the executive in his air-conditioned car and the boy pulling a wheelbarrow of rubbish through the street both buy their waakye from the same spot.

Dust is a magazine about Accra, by Accra, for Accra. Like its name, the magazine is everywhere, from the penthouse to the streets, accessible to everyone in the metropolis and beyond. Ghana is diverse, constantly changing and redefining its place in the world. Dust documents Accra’s energy, celebrating the things we take for granted and reminding us to strive towards our dreams.

Dust is fun, informative, and interactive. The magazine feature strong images and littered with words that people can actually relate to. The collaborative effort between the people of Accra and a talented team of Accra-based creatives, this magazine gives a fresh insight into current Ghanaian trends. From photography and illustrations to writing and commentary, every issue showcases spectacular Ghanaian talent.

Dust is a quarterly magazine that maintains a presence throughout the quarter via Dust Lyve!, a weekly radio show that showcases everything (films, music, the arts, events, etc) fresh, new, and trendy in Ghana and via the website, dustaccra.com (launched on 1 October 2011).

DUST Magazine is distributed at the following places:
- Delta Airlines business class / Silverbird Lifestyle & Cinema / La Chaumière Restaurant / Café dez Amis / Goil Filling Station (Spintex Road) / Pippa’s Health Centre (Ringway Estates near Osu & East Legon)

To subscribe (for GHS 5.00 per issue) please contact subscription@dustaccra.com

TimeOut Accra for Visitors
The first yearly edition for Ghana of the worldwide TimeOut magazines appeared in newsstands in 2009. Following the format of other editions worldwide, the one about Accra offers information and editorial content useful to both tourists and expatriates.
TimeOut Accra can be found for sale at selected locations around town.

Any other type of magazine published in Ghana, such as Enjoy Accra (a free monthly social and advertising publication), may be interesting to browse. When you are newcomer, any content or advertisement should be considered as a potential source of information.



Online sources

No Worries Ghana from NAWA is more than a book: it is a website too, that was fully overhauled in the summer of 2010: www.noworriesghana.com.

Bentsifi is a Ghanaian monthly lifestyle magazine that is best read online and offers numerous listings of things to do, see, buy and enjoy.

accraexpat.com Links let you access numerous websites and are classifed under various categories in our Links page. Feel free to share with us any other relevant websites you feel should be added (please write to feedback@accraexpat.com). 

Facebook has a few groups created by expats in Ghana, including accraexpat.com. Join and connect with hundreds of expats to ask, learn and share as well as networking.

CQ MAG, created by photograopher Danierl Addison, offers exclusive updates and colores monochromes.


Check your embassy’s website as it may have Citizen Pages with useful information for their nationals living in Ghana that may be of interest to others as well. 
Also, your government may have info pages on Ghana such as the USA here.

You may surf on the numerous international websites dedicated to expatriates and visit the Ghana pages and Forums when they exist. Same with the websites of the major travel guides. A few can be found in our Links page.

Lastly, Francophones in Ghana can visit Infos d'Accra and South Africans abroad can visit www.sapromo.com



...and your fellow Expatriates

Remember that expatriates are a great source of information as well. The community in Ghana is large and diversified, not dominated by one national group, like the French in Ivory Coast.


Listening to other’s experiences in Ghana is always great learning and a good source of tips. When meeting and talking with another expatriate, try to go beyond the usual “where are you from”, “what do you do” and “how long have you been here”.


Beside detailed information, always ask expatriates who have experience with Ghana what they think of the country, its people and what general advice they can give you. What you will be told will generally be very interesting as such and this diverse information put together will help you benchmark your own and evolve in your knowledge of and opinion about Ghana.


This will help you considerably, both personally and professionally.




Good reading to you but remember: knowing where to find information is only one part;
knowing how to classify it, analyze it and put it to use is also important.


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