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HOW TO Guide

How To with sports facilities at hotels


Using Accra hotels for swimming, fitness and sports.

The How To Guide’s “How To go about sports” and “How To stay fit” help you find out
where to practice a large number of sports and fitness activities.
As an extension, here is information on sport facilities at hotels.


Hotels represent additional venues to practice sports or fitness that can be very convenient as far as location because they may be close to your office or home. Alternatively, they can be a good destination for week-ends, for both relaxation and physical activity.
Hotels are also recreational areas that often provide complete food and beverages services.

Sports facilities are free of charge for hotels guests but visitors can use them either for a daily fee or take out a convenient Membership.

The information in “How To with sports at hotels” is organized by location and hotel instead of sports. Since every hotel’s location, settings, facilities, feel and clientele differ, we have opted not to make a comparative table based on rates only.

We invite you to visit the hotels and check the facilities thoroughly,
considering your own requirements and taste
and take that opportunity to get updates rates.

Accra City Hotel - Movenpick Ambassador Hotel - Alisa Hotel - Coconut Grove Hotel
La Villa Boutique Hotel
Labadi Beach Hotel - La Palm Royal Beach Hotel
African Regent Hotel - Golden Tulip Hotel
Holiday Inn Accra Airport
- Fiesta Royale Hotel
Royal Richester Hotel

All prices are subject to change.




Accra City Hotel

The crystal-clear water of the award winning 4* Accra City Hotel swimming pool, offering guests a serene environment in the heart of Accra ‘s business district and continues to delight those who seek refreshing waters, as well as those who simply desire a pleasant place to sunbathe. Complimentary towels are provided for use at the pool. Children Pool is available and open to children over the age of four (4). The swimming pool is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily. Daily access is GHC 60 for Adult and GHC 40 for Children. Telephone: 0302 633 863

Movenpick Ambassador Hotel
The Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, opened in 2011, is located on a large 16 acres (6.5 hectares) area and ofers the largest hotel swimming pool in Ghana, a gym and tennis courts.
It offers the two following Membership packages.
Gold Membership (use of gym, dry sauna and swimming pool during normal operational hours)
Single annual: GHS 7,500, half year: GHS 5,000 - Couple annual: GHS 12,500, half yearly: GHS 7,500.
Silver Membership (use of swimming pool during normal operational hours)
Single annual: GHS 2,500, half year: GHS 1,750 - Couple annual: GHS 3750, half year: GHS 2,500 - Family annual (with 2 children up to 17 years): GH 4,500, half year: GHS 3,500 - Child: GHS 750, half yearly: GHS 625.
Please note that prices are shown in Ghana Cedis (GHS) and the current Exchange Rate for US Dollar in the month of March 2014 is GHS 2.50. The final pricing will be at the prevailing exchange Rate of the day of payment for the membership. Rules and Regulations apply.

Day use of the swimming pool Monday to Friday is GHS 40.00 for adults and GHS 20.00 for children, including a drink from the provided selection.
Day use of the swimming pool on week-ends and public holidays is GHS 60.00 for adults and GHS 30.00 for children, including a drink from the provided selection.

- Open 7 days per week from 8am to 10pm
Members & Hotel guests: court fee: free - Coach & match partner fee: GHS 40/hour
Non Members & non Hotel guests: court fee: GHS 15/hour - Coach & match partner fee: GHS 50/hour
Racquet rental: 10 GHS (balls incl., plus 50 GHS deposit)  

For Bookings or enquiries please contact the ToneZone Desk.

Alisa Hotel
This successful hotel complex is conveniently located in North Ridge, close to Ring Road, Accra Central and several embassies.
Day use for walk-in guests: Tennis: GHS 25 - Gymnasium: GHS 25 - Swimming pool: GHS 25
- one month for swimming pool only or gymnasium only or tennis only: GHS 300
- full yearly Membership for all facilities:
*3 Months                    GHS 1,000
*6 Months                    GHS 1,375
*Year                          GHS 1,750
A 10$ discount applies for groups over 10
*3 Months                   GHS 1,500
*6 Months                   GHS 2,000
*Year                         GHS 3,000

Alisa Hotel tel.: 0302 214 233 – 214 244

This unique looking property ought to be discovered. Very well located just off Ring Road at Ako Adjei interchange (behind Immigration), it however has that peaceful feel pool loungers look for. The swimming pool offers a large deck near the outdoor bar. The fitness centre is fairly small but expecting additional equipment early 2011.
Daily fees are GHS 10.00 and monthly Membership is US$ 50.00. Registration is done at the reception.


La Villa Boutique Hotel
This design hotel is located on the edge of Osu, one block from Ring Road, and has a charming pool area and bar terrace with lots of green and a fountain.
Too small to really swim but very nice for relaxing, drinking and eating Italian.
Day use for walk-in guests: adults GHS 40, children below 8 GHS 10.
See a map and the website.


Labadi Beach Hotel
This hotel ioffers two swimming pools, a gym, two tennis courts and a private beach. See this video of the public beach.

Day use for walk-in guests
- Swimming pools (2, including a lap pool) and private beach: adults GHS 80, children below 12 GHS 50
- Tennis courts (2): 1 hour playing time GHS 30 - 1 hour playing time with coach, additional GHS 30 – the courts are lit and open 24/7
- The recently renovated gymnasium is strictly for membership holders.
*Single                                                                 US$ 2,200 one year/1,600 six months
*Double                                                                US$ 3,200 one year/2,300 six months
*Family (max. 5 persons incl. 3 children)                 US$ 4,000 one year/3,000 six month
*Corporate (max. 6 persons)                                  please inquire
All rates are for twelve months membership (Jan to Dec) and are for unlimited use of the swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium and the private beach.
For more information or to apply, go the desk in the Health Club or call 0302 772 501-6.

La Palm Royal Beach Hotel
La Palm is the other large beach resort on Labadi Beach in Accra who’s sister hotels are Elmina Beach Resort and Busua Beach Resort.

- Day use for walk-in guests
* Single                  GHS40 / GHS 60 weekend & public holidays
* Children                 GHS20

Fitness Centre
- 1 month

* Single                  $60
* Couple                 $80
- 3 Months
* Single                  $165
* Couple                 $215
- 6 Months
* Single                  $300
* Couple                 $380                                                      
- One Year
* Single                  $550
* Couple                 $650                                                              
- Student Rates
- 3 Months                                                       
* Single                  $120
* Couple                 $150

Swimming pool
- Memberships
- 1 Month
* Single                 GHS250      
* Couple                GHS400
- 3 Months  
* Single                 GHS600
* Couple                GHS900                                       
- One Year
* Single                 GHS1500
* Couple                GHS2000                                     

Corporate Memberships are available on request.
La Palm Royal Beach Hotel - tel.: 0302 771 700 - 0244 342 621-4

The two above hotels give you free access to the long Labadi public beach. A stroll, with or without a drink at one of the many beach bars, may represent a nice break in your leisure day at the hotel and, on week-ends, will let you discover local beach life.

: for hygiene reasons, full swimming in the ocean at Labadi Beach is not recommended.


African Regent Hotel
This hotel is located across Accra Mall at the southwest corner of the interchange.
Fitness centre & swimming pool
- Day-use for walk-in guests
Adults                                                                 GHS 30
Children (under 12 years)                                     GHS  10
- Memberships
*3 Months                                                          GHS 300
*6 Months                                                          GHS 500
*Year                                                                GHS 700
Family of four (2 adults & 2 children less than 12 years)
*3 Months                                                          GHS 500
*6 Months                                                          GHS 900
*Year                                                                GHS 1500
Corporate (up to 5 persons) for one year             GHS 1500

Swimming lessons are available for children less than 12 years:
GHS15 per session or GHS150 for 12 sessions.
Opening times: Monday/Friday 6am/9pm - Saturdays 7am/2pm - Sundays Closed
For more information, call Chris on 0244-735680

Golden Tulip Hotel
The hotel is centrally located, right on Liberation road just north of the 37 junction. The pool flooring has recently been redone and the pool area is large and welcoming, although close to the buildings.

Golden Club Membership for both tennis and swimming pool is reserved to the hotel’s top clients only and not offered to the general public. The pool is however open to all with the following daily rates:
Adults – GHS 40 per person, children less than 12 years – GHS 20.

Holiday Inn Accra Airport
This hotel’s sports facilities are not open to non-guests.

Fiesta Royal Hotel
This Member of Sterling Hotels is located in North Dzorwulu: that is on the north side of the Tema highway, next to the main in-road to Dzorwulu and Airport West residential areas. It is also the closest hotel to Abelempke and Roman Ridge as well.
The use of the fitness centre is for hotel guests only so the swimming pool is the only facility open to non-guests and is accessible by Membership only.
- adults: US$ 300 single, US$ 450 double
- children less than 12 years: US$ 150 for one, US$ 225 for two
One year
- adults: US$ 600 single, US$ 900 double
- children less than 12 years: US$ 300 for one, US$ 450 for two
- family (2 adults & maximum 2 children less than 12 years): US$ 1350
Fiesta Royale Hotel tel.: 0302 740 811 – 517 411


Royal Richester Hotel
This hotel offers a quite small swimming pool that is suitable for children and in a nice setting. A good spa and a unisex salon are also located in Royal Richester Hotel. The hotel is in a quiet area but you may wish to avoid using the pool area when the power if off as the generators are close-by.
The pool is open daily till 6pm and the gym from 6am to 9pm weekdays and 7am to 2pm on Saturdays and holidays – closed on Sundays. Fitness instructors are on hand.
- Day use for walk-in guests
Fitness center                                                     GHS 10
Fitness center – 15 sessions                                 GHS 120
Swimming pool                                                    GHS  7 - Children GHS 5
Fitness center and swimming pool                          GHS 15

Like at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Memberships are separated for the fitness center and swimming pool and rates must be added to access both.
- Fitness center
*1 month                                                           GHS 100
*3 Months                                                          GHS 250
*6 Months                                                          GHS 450
*Year                                                                 GHS 750
*Corporate rates: 10, 15 and 25% on 3 and 6 month and year rates
*Students 3 Months                                             GHS 100
One or two complementary massages and micro facials are given with Memberships.
Note that an aerobic room is located next to the gym and hour-long classes are offered at 7pm on Mondays and Thursdays and at 8pm on Saturdays.

- Swimming pool
*1 month                                                           GHS  90
*Year                                                                 GHS 750
*1 month                                                           GHS 150
*Year                                                                 GHS 900
*1 month                                                           GHS  45
Family (2 adults & maximum 4 children less than 16 years)
*1 month                                                           GHS 200
*Year                                                                GHS 1100
Corporate (one adult) (-10%)
*3 Months                                                          GHS 243
*6 Months                                                          GHS 486
*Year                                                                GHS 675

Royal Richester Hotel’s sports facilities tel.: 0265 001 903

To come

A Holiday Inn and a Golden Tulip are underway next to the Golf course and will certainly offer sports facilities for visitors and residents.
A couple of international standards hotels are opened, such as Protea, and probably offer day access.

Golden Tulip Hotel
This hotel has a swimming pool, a fitness centre and two tennis courts. You may call 0322 083 777 to enquire about use of these facilities as a non-hotel guest.
Walk-in rates for the pool are GHS 40 and 20 below 12 years.
One, three, six and twelve months memberships are available.
Rates are regular, student, senior above 60, couple, family of 3 and family of 4.
Memberships are available for gym only (350 to 7800), gym and swimming (460 go 7810), gym and tennis (450 to 7810) and for the three (740 to 7820).
Sir Max Hotel has a pool as well.
Momo's Pool Bar

We invite you to visit the hotels and check the facilities thoroughly, considering your own requirements and taste (that will also give you the opportunity to check that rates shown above have not been increased without our knowledge).

Should you plan on using the facilities after work, consider location due to evening traffic issues.
Should you be single or a couple without children, you may not enjoy a swimming pool filled with playing children so visit the hotels on a Sunday during a school period to check the situation.

A towel is generally provided to swimming pool day users and holders of Memberships.

Unlike in some other countries, Memberships at any of the above hotels does not entitle to a discount on food and beverages.

Applying for Membership usually requires filling a form and giving one or two passport pictures per person along with full payment.

Information and fees/rates were exact to the best of our knowledge at the time the information was published. This resource page will be updated, completed and extended with time but fees/rates, terms and conditions may change without our knowledge.

Should you enjoy sports facilities at a hotel other than those listed here, kindly write us at contact@accraexpat.com so we can add it to this Resource page. Your comments are also welcomed.

Should you wish to share your experience and/or give comments and recommendations on hotel sports facilities or hotels in general, we invite you to do so in the Members’ Directory Service Providers section (by filling the form and choosing the Travel/Hotels category).

Thank you.



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