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  • OPINIONS & ANALYSIS - Become an Ugly Expat in 12 easy steps

    Become an ugly expats in 12 easy stepspublished on Feb. 27, 2014 on I was an expat wife Blog. Could this be YOU? You’re probably familiar with the expression “Ugly American,” a pejorative and stereotypical term for US expatriates who alienate the locals with their loud and disrespectful behaviour. It comes from the 1958 book The Ugly American, a cautionary tale that tell...
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  • OPINIONS & ANALYSIS - Ghana be on time... maybe

    Related to the subject of "Launch of Ghana On Time - GOT initiative" posted in the News section, here is a post from an Australian in Ghana in the Ghana Maybe Time blog (July 15, 2013).  Ghana on time… maybe. There’s a well worn joke in Ghana that goes something like this: “We run on the GMT” “Greenwich Mean Time?”...
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  • OPINIONS & ANALYSIS - Discrimination of loyal residents of Ghana

    This is an open letter from Nico van Staalduinen, one of our Dutch Members and one of our Members who are married to Ghanaian nationals. Discrimination Of Loyal Residents Of Ghana I write to you on my behalf and the growing group of permanent foreign residents of Ghana.Ghana is part of the global world, Ghanaians and Foreigners have travelled worldwide in the ...
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