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  • ELSEWHERE IN GHANA - Leaving Kumasi: reflections, observations and a list.

    Leaving Kumasi: reflections, observations and a list. As a complement to the post Leaving Kumasi - An Exit Interview from Camille of November 30, 2013, here is a post of by Chrissie Gerakiteys Reid (January 22, 2014) on her blog Six Degrees North – one of the Ghana Blogs listed in our ...
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  • ELSEWHERE IN GHANA - Takoradi Blog - "The last Ghana article" by Flash

    The last Ghana article One year and a couple of months; a short enough time, but long enough to fall in love. After 19 years in Nigeria, I came to Ghana. Nigeria was ok and as usual, I made many friends plus you get used to anywhere; despite literally the muck, the tear gas and bullets. The Muck – I had been visiting a remote flow station when the local community decided to ransack the offices of anything saleable whilst roug...
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  • ELSEWHERE IN GHANA - Leaving Kumasi - An Exit Interview

    Q. So, how does it feel to be leaving Kumasi? A. It feels like the end of a play I’ve been acting in, like curtains drawing closed across dirt stage littered in plastic, slowly pinching off the sound of the roosters, taxis, chain saws, crows, bulbuls and Muslims. It feels like a sigh of relief. Q. Kumasi was that bad, huh? A. Yes and no. Like any big city, Kumasi was loud, crowded and dirty, although as my friend Chrissie pointed out the other day, it’s rea...
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