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KALLEMKARRINGTON@YAHOO.COM - A story for expatriates complaining about life in Accra.

Sep 09, 10 - Comments


During my awaited summer vacations in France, I went to the funeral of a long-time family friend.

This sad moment made me look back and contemplate on this educated man’s life and the succession of sad events that periodically hit him.

Married to a great woman and half-through raising three children, the happy family was crushed by her disappearance due to a brain tumor. A few years later, the teenage boy was riding on the back of a two-wheeler when an accident resulted in injuries leading to his death.

Already shaken by her mother’s disappearance, the older sister then sank into serious mental problems which unabled her to lead a normal life. At one occasion, we had to accompany our friend who rushed to some far-away train station where she had gotten off without reason on her way from Paris to Spain.

He remarried with an attractive woman 20 years younger than him and they raised a nice daughter together until his new wife decided to divorce him. The analysis she went through in the following years revealed that, through that marriage, she was in fact looking for a father figure.

During that second marriage, the youngest daughter of his first, who had become a famous opera singer, stopped talking to her dad for reasons which still were unknown at the time of his funeral, which she however attended.

While living alone ever after the divorce, the daughter from that second union, in her late teenage years, stopped talking to him too, for a few years: her dad was ¨too old¨ - but still good for the monthly checks supporting her student life.

In the meantime, the state of the deranged daughter had improved and stabilized to a level allowing her to settle in her dad’s home town. Until one day when he received a call from the guardian of a tall building which had become famous for suicides: her purse had been found in a staircase and her body crushed twenty two floors down.

Our friend went through this terrible succession of dramatic events with an amazing capacity to hold on and ultimately had a good retirement, enjoying his passion for archeology, Jeanne of Arc and biologic farming; until cancer made life more difficult and painful, physically this time; until this summer of 2010.


Like most of us, I look forward to improvements in my life but this type of event or story helps me remember how lucky I have been and am. Expatriates, especially well-off ones, look at your life, stop complaining and enjoy what you have! Get out of your residential neighborhood and air-conditioned environment. Meet all kind of people and enjoy all that life can give privileged people like us.

¨One must decide that geography matters little and try hard to live well wherever they are

Wishing you a great 2010/2011 year in Ghana.


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